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We Care. We Make A Difference read article.

I² Education’s key aim is to instill the love of learning in children. Ever since the establishment of I² Education in 2007, I and the team are so proud to have been able to achieve that goal; and I would like to share with you some of our highlights and concepts see more.

I² Education was started because I longed to give Hong Kong children a head-start by providing them with a learning experience that proves to them and their parents where learning English can, and should, be a fulfilling and painless experience. I care about your children and their future as much as you do. I am extremely proud of the difference we have made to our students, not only that we help them improve academically, but also help them build up with much more confidence in using and speaking English. The programs of I² Education have undergone continuous improvements to meet the ever-changing needs of our students.  If we can do it better, we will certainly do. article source

please click for source Over the past years, I have immersed myself in every aspect of the day-to-day operations of I² Education. This has given me the privilege of meeting parents from all walks of life. I am humbled by the trust that they place in me to make a difference to their children’s future.

To be able to share with you the theories and strategies that I have developed to help overcome the challenges in raising children has been a very profound experience. As a result I have drawn upon that, plus my experience as a mother and an educator and incorporated them with my theories and strategies to publish my first parenting book, Turning Your Child be the Superman? Is that Necessary? Is that Plausible? (translated from Chinese Title: 孩子變超人,需要嗎?可行嗎?) . I am very proud of that achievement and so pleased to be able to share this with all parents to provide the best opportunities for your children.

My name is Mildred, I am the Founder of I² Education, I care and I want to make a difference.  And my greatest delight is in seeing both children and parents gain from our approach and developments at I² Education. We are here to help this web page.

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Mildred Law
Founder & Principal