Programs for Community

article source Serving the community is part of the mission of I² Education. We provide free lessons to students whose family has financial difficulty. Every year, we will conduct a series of interview process to select the under-privileged students who are qualified for this scheme.  

“1 對 1 補習 Tenses 同 Grammar,眞能幫助我的考試成績!而暑期英文寫作班 Kids4Kids 亦令我對寫作有更大興趣!” click the following article
–  Hanson ( 13歲, 富二代敎育基金資助同學 ),

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“I² Education 眞的幫了我很多,英文默書都有進步。” read article
– Chloe ( 10歲,富二代敎育基金資助同學 )