Learn to Write


I2 Education provides a full-range of English programs to younger learners between age 3 to 15.  Our holistic teaching approach helps students develop their second language in all four areas (reading, writing, listening and speaking) in the most effective way.





Foundation: Jolly Writing (Age 6 – 7)

Foundation: Guided Writing (Age 7 – 8)

Solo Writing : Creative Writing Level 1 (Age 8 – 11)

Solo Writing : Creative Writing Level 2 (Age 10 – 12)

Academic Writing: General Writing (Age 12 – 15)


Learning Objectives
  • To understand sentence structures, vocabulary building, and able to create short sentences
  • To generate ideas in relation to the topic with guidance and able to write 250 – 300 words at Solo Writing Level
  • To learn skills in paragraphing, generating and organizing ideas, usage of adjectives, tenses, and other grammar rules
  • Able to use examples to express main ideas, have clear organization with understandable sentences and some variety of word choice